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Functional Training can comply with every specific need, since it is based on simple and functional movements.

A movement is functional when reproduces the everyday life gestures, natural movements done with the synergic contraction of muscle groups.

In everyday life, the muscle isolation, typical of the training in the weight room, does not exist because what we usually do, from walking to carrying grocery store bags, requires synergic movements done by different groups of muscles.

Our body is born to do movements using different muscle chains and not isolating the single muscle.

Multi-joint movements which stimulate muscle chains and that are done on different axes characterize the exercises.

This type of workout stresses the inner muscles that stabilize and strengthen the joints in order to prevent injuries.

Functional Training was created, as an athletic preparation to sport, so is perfect for both professional and amateur athletes.

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Class Trainer

Alessandro Sileoni

Personal Trainer - Insegnante Fitness